Case Bound Books

Sandersons are able to assemble almost every type of “Case Bound” book.

A “Case Bound” book is the highest quality of book.

Every book is individually made by hand by an experienced bookbinder.

High qualityMore expensive

Producing a “Case Bound” bound book may involve some or all of the following processes:-

ActivitySimple DescriptionMethod
FoldingFolding paper of all sizes from A2, including multiple foldsMechanical
CuttingSizing paper and finished booksMechanical
CollatingAssembling pages in orderMechanical
SewingInsertion of thread to hold pages togetherMechanical
CollatingAssembling pages in orderBy Hand
CoveringHand made production of the hardback coversBy Hand
BlockingGold Leaf applicationBy Hand
Shrink WrappingOf the finished productMechanical

Typical Order Sizes

From a single book up to 1000